Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fiji Hobie Notice: 004-2010 - Flights + Accommodation Preliminary Quotes

Dear All,

The preliminary plan and quotes for the 2010 South Pacific Championship & Fiji Hobie Challenge are set out below. These are only indicative rates i.e. discounts not yet applied. Final rates are due on the Monday 8 March.

Note: We've been negotiating viable flight packages for those who want to travel to China via Fiji and those fares will also be posted on Monday. The delay is being caused by code shared issues and getting the lowest possible prices from the various airlines involved in getting your from LAX to SYD to Weihai via Fiji.

Air Pacific:
LAX - NAN - LAX: (discount pending): US$ 115.12 (incl taxes)
SYD - NAN - SYD: (discount pending): AU$ 696.77

these prices are indicative only + final discounted amounts will be available soon

South Pacific Championship
July 30 - Registration + Opening Function
July 31 - Racing
Aug 01 - Racing
Aug 02 - Rest Day
Location: The Pearl Hotel, Pacific Habour
Accommodation + Meals: Approximately US$ 114.73 / AU$ 126.00 / FJ$225.00 per double per night, including taxes and continental breakfast.
Extra person: US$ 61.00 / AU$ 67.00 / FJ$ 160.00

Fiji Hobie Challenge

Aug 3 - Racing to Sigatoka
Location: Shangri-La's Fijian Resort + Spa or The Intercontinental
Accommodation + Meals approx US$ 230.00 /  AU$ 252.00 / FJ$ 340.00 per double per night, including taxes and breakfast.
Extra person: US$ 61.00 / AU$ 67.00 / FJ$ 170.00

Aug 4 - Aug 6: Racing to and around the Mamacucas

Location: Musket Cove or Mana Island
Accommodation + Meals: approximately US$ 158.00 - 173.00 / AU$ 174.00 - 202.00 / FJ$ 310.00 - 330.00 per double per night, including taxes and breakfast
Extra person: US$ 71.00 / AU$ 78.00 / FJ$ 150.00 (0-2yrs free, 12-15yrs 50%)

Aug 7 - Racing to Vuda
Location: First Landing / Anchorage
Accommodation: approximately US$ 76.50 / AU$84.00 / FJ$ 150.00 per 2 x Adults + 2 x Children under 16 yrs per night, including taxes and breakfast.
Extra person US$ 25.00 / AU$ 28.00 / FJ$ 60.00

Rates are based on
US$1 = FJ$1.96098 / FJ$1 = US$0.509950
AU$1 = FJ$1.78057 / FJ$1 = AU$0.561619

We advise budgeting approximately US$50.00 - 75.00 / AU$55.00 - 85.00 / FJ$100.00 - FJ$150.00 for domestic trasportation and an additional US$/ AU$ 100.00 - 150.00 / FJ$200.00 - 300.00 for meals + misc.



Dear All,

Apologies for the delays in getting you the following information - as you may know, we experienced a severe tropical cyclone over the past 4 days and communications have therefore been intermittent.  


Attached is an accommodation booking form setting out all accommodation options and costs in FJD and Boat Hire/Entry Fees in AUD for reservation purposes only.  If you are intending to attend the Event, this information will secure the applicable accommodation for you but you will not be required to pay until you confirm attendance and pay a deposit and/or a final amount over the next weeks.

USD & AUD amounts will be calculated on the day of payment at the prevailing bank rates.  

Please fill in the form with your preferences and email to me or email me your requests ASAP as room configurations are limited and will be booked by me for you on a FIRST COME/FIRST SERVED basis!!  

The 2010 Programme, NOR and Boat Hire Form  will follow by separate cover.

See below for links to the applicable resorts.  If you have any special requests or questions regarding domestic transport (flights, taxis, buses), please let me know and I will endeavor to provide you with the information you require.



Fiji Hobie Class Racing Association

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hobie Notice 005-2010: Final Flight Prices - Fiji & China

Dear All,

Apologies for the delay in getting these figures to you but there is much competition out there and various route configurations to price. Attached is a Word doc setting out the best prices we could get from the airlines, travel agents and online for the various routes involved ie USA-Fiji / USA-Fiji-China-USA / Aust-Fiji / Aust-Fiji-China-AUST / Fiji-China-Fiji.

All prices include taxes and some are ridiculously cheap (eg SYD-NAN-SYD for AUD 302) so these prices are available only on a first come, first served basis and are subject to change as seats get booked.

NOTE that if you're interested in doing both Fiji and China, the best priced flight seems to be from Sydney so there are various routings for that leg including USA to Fiji via Sydney (cheaper than the direct flight with Air Pac).

If you find it difficult wading through this info, I'm happy to assist but you'll need to book directly with the relevant airline/agent.

Final accommodation quotes will be distributed tomorrow - lower than originally estimated so it's all good! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions of any nature.