Monday, August 30, 2010

dramas @ the worlds?!

we just heard that "big rehearing protest com against leading French lying to comp yesterday in port/stb incident. back check found his witness 15 boats back. could get rubbed out rule 69. all waiting"

Friday, August 20, 2010

final day report for the grand masters

"well first round is over and it was a hard battle in 25 knots gusting and shifty. everybody pretty well held positions in the variable conditions so for us/fiji a 4th it is. 6 day break for me as the women, youth and open qualifiers begins and then its into battle again. time to lick the woulds and down some fiji bounty rum. cheers" grahame southwick - fiji team - hobie 16 world championship in weihai, china
click here for the final results of the grand masters series

Thursday, August 19, 2010

day 3: evening update

"race 8 was a brain explosion. crew had my mainsheet tangled around her legs as we went out first tack. i scrambled to assist and sorted everything then as we were leading the pack and needed quick sheet on, i jumped out without hooking on!!! rolled, broke my tiller and did 3 rounds with no tiller. lots 11 points so dropped from clear ahead 2nd to 1 point behind tards and now in 4th. harry will be hard to overtake now as only 4 races to go so its on for young and old between me and tards for 3rd tomorrow" grahame southwick - fiji team - hobie 16s world championship in weihai, china

fiji is currently coming in 4th place in the grand masters section of the hobie 16 world championship in china. click here for overall results after day 3 racing of the grandmasters

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

day 3: morning update

"6:15am and some breeze so looking better today. more later. expecting 5 races today. today will set the final positions pretty well although one more day to go but got to put more distance between harry and tards and see what we can do to claw back duchacel. he's sailing very smart in these light conditions. cheers" - grahame southwick - fiji team at the hobie 16s world championship in china
click here to view the overall result after after day 2

day 2: Masters + Grandmasters @the Worlds in Weihai

"better today. 8-10 knots single trap. 5 races. currently holding 2nd behind Duchatel of Sydney, Australia (Gold in Masters Games last year). harry handley 4rd and tards 4h. dropped ocs. good point spread so try to hold on. two more days. cheers. G" grahame southwick - fiji team, 17th august 15:54hrs

masters result after day 2 (top 10)
Masters - Overall Results
1 AUS R.Waterhouse/K.Waterhouse Total pts: 9 (1,5,1,1,6,1)
2 RSA W.Edwards/L.Edwards Total pts: 11 (2,1,3,2,3,8)
3 AUS B.Engwirda/W.News Total pts: 17 (5,4,4,3,1,13)
4 AUS A.Duchatel/E.Curtis Total pts: 25 (7,3,7,6,7,2)
5 HKG Y.Tong/K.Tong Total pts: 37 (11,7,8,8,4,10)
6 KOR P.Byeong Ki/Y.Hae Kwang Total pts: 39 (3,2,23,30,2,9)
7 FIJ G.Southwick/O.Chan Total pts: 40 (30,6,6,7,10,11)
8 USA K.Hilk/C.Bradshaw Total pts: 41 (23,15,13,4,5,4)
9 BRA M.Dubeux/. Total pts: 45 (9,12,2,20,8,14)
10 NZL H.Handley/P.Evrard Total pts: 49 (4,8,10,16,11,16)

Grahame Southwick (FJ) and Harry Handley (NZ) photo courtsey of

Sunday, August 15, 2010

message from Grahame Southwick aka "Fish" - 19th Hobie Worlds, Weihei China

17 august 2010
Flat glassy this a.m. again but only 6:30 so we will see. Harry Handley on 131kg drifting ahead of all. I stop eating, Tards drinking rum! we looking for virgin to sacrifice but so far none!

16 august 2010

F! horrible 3 to 5 knots. one race only 2nd around the mark and got OCS. actually dived back in before the start but big fleet they didn't see so drop. 3 more days. First racing tomorrow. Flat glassy hot........Forecast next 3 days too. Could develop into a rum drinking comp!

15 august 2010
Reg today. First racing tomorrow. Flat glassy hot........Forecast next 3 days too. Could develop into a rum drinking comp!