Saturday, May 23, 2009

the date is set!!

Well we have killed the chicken and examined its entrails, sacrificed the last remaining Virgin and consulted with the Oracles……

The dates for the 2009 South Pacific Championships / Fiji Challenge, have now been set to coincide with the Winter offseason, and favorable tides for the first and last legs across the flats….
First day of racing will be Friday, June the 26th……Last day will be Friday,July 3rd
Full details will be published in the NOR, but for the moment …..
SPs…..       Friday / Sat June 26/27th
Prep Day     Sunday 28th
Challenge    Mon-Friday June 29th / July 3rd
The tide will allow a respectable departure time on the Challenge…29th June 10am ( Mid day High ), and a late departure from Leluvia on the last leg home….Mid day…( unless we decide to come home outside weather permitting…then we can leave earlier )
All will be revealed in due course….
The general plan will involve two days course racing in Laucala Bay, a prep day ( Sunday ) and a Monday am start to the Challenge….
Day 1…Laucala Bay / Leluvia  
Day 2… Leluvia….West…..Leluvia
Day 3…Leluvia….North ….Leluvia
Day 4…Leluvia …East……Leluvia
Day 5…Leluvia….Laucala  Bay
Days 2,3,and 4 will track thru various Islands and sand banks,reefs and passages….there will be plenty of good sailing , navigation, AND WAYPOINTS…..( besides looking out for the palm tree…!! )
This is just a preliminary plan, so you can prepare you flight bookings, notify us, AND PAY the first $ 500 ( any currency ok, but equivalent to A$ 500 please )
This will lock in your entry and boat….
We are hoping to put together 30/35 boats in total, of which there will be about 20 ex Fiji Worlds boats for charter, on the basis of First Man , First served…..
Generally speaking the costings are the same as last year,but we will give you details by the end of this week…..
The important thing here is that you now know the dates, so presumably you can make a decision and book flights….
We will give you the bank details again tomorrow,so that there is no confusion……
We will also arrange these bulletins to be attached to our website,
More later….. Fish

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