Wednesday, July 1, 2009

day 2: results

the day started off beautiful. at about 1500hrs the skies opened up, sucked out what little wind there was + poured down with rain. it rained so much that the roof at the dining area (the only place that has dry tables + chairs + powerpoints so that you can charge electronic gadgets, cameras + laptops) leaked to the point where there was no safe place to work - hence the delay in any updates to the website.
still drizzling this morning + hopefully it will clear up later in the day.
there is a couple of errors to the results above that will be amended with day 3 results. they are: the skipper for boat#02 is nicole corlette, her dad kerli is the crew and boat#54, the skipper is david silvester + the crew is pip pietromonaco. david was also the skipper during the air pacific south pacific championship
over + out

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