Monday, February 22, 2010

Fiji Hobie Notice Number: 003-2010

Dear All,

Now that the Worlds have been announced (15-30 August), we are in the
process of consolidating our Fiji event dates.

General demand seems to be that we run the challenge in early August
so as to allow a one week gap to get to China. There are direct
flights Fiji- HK and we've asked Air Pacific to package two routes:
Syd-Nadi-HK-Syd and LAX-Nadi- HK-LAX for those who want to attend
both events.

For various reasons (high season accommodation etc), we are pretty
much left with the first week of August if time is to be left to get
to China by 13th/14th August. That gives those attending both events
a few days leeway for R&R in Fiji before travelling to China and
getting over jet lag in China before the Worlds start.

We're interested in your thoughts/comments on this. A group
discussion can be opened on our website

We look forward to you all being able to make one or both events and
will keep you updated on feedback and flight packages as soon as the
information comes in. Following that, we'll take confirmations and
deposits in about 10 days when Fish is back from galavanting (I mean,
competing) in the Phillipines.


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