Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Oceania Hobie Championship

Its the final morning of the Championship and the event has been anything but predictable. Day 1 was spent on the beach (well for most of us) - some went out for 5 minutes and came back on shore - that was the day's wind used up.
Worsty's day 1 started with a speeding ticket doing a 97 on a 60 zone, came out of the gates too early and started on the bar @11am - I think he had inside information that there was not going to be any more wind for the day. Unfortunately for Locke, Worsty was the only one that knew where their accommodation was and had great difficulty finding it from the hours between 11 to 2:30am. 4 taxi's later, they found "home".
Day 2 - well what a complete contrast to day one! Wind picked up building through out the day and by the afternoon it was blowing 25knots gusting to 30knots, steep waves hence the number of DNFs and DNSs. Fortunately no major accidents, the lead changed a few times showing the diversity in the skills of the fleet.
Must log off and rig up - 4 races to complete today before 2pm and there's wind but boy is it cold - 22˚C!

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